What do i have to invest for using iButler?

The investment consists of two variables. Depending on your situation and which products you purchase, the total is calculated.

We listen to your wishes, think along about the costs and give advice, specifically aimed at your situation and goals. iButler always delivers quality through customization.

Start with the QR Order App or the Order kiosk

We take care of the start from head to toe. This starts with preprogramming the digital menus and installation on site. This also includes all desired hardware products such as screens, tablets, printers and cabling. In addition, we ensure that all merchandise and printed matter is ready. When everything is ready, we provide one or more training courses so that you and the staff can get started immediately. When you switch to iButler we take care of the entire process and there are no external parties needed!

License and Service

Once you have started, you only invest in the license costs every month at iButler. That is a fixed monthly amount depending on the size of your company and the number of seats. In addition, we ask a fixed service fee every month. Your regular contact person is available 24/7. The fee is fixed, thus not based on hours spent by us.

A meeting with someone from the iButler team? No problem! We are happy to tell you more during a casual conversation .

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