About us

iButler is available for every catering, hospitality, recreation and leisure entrepreneur. Our ordering systems have been developed with all the challenges the modern day entrepreneur faces in mind. For instance shortage of staff, social distancing, high commissions by third parties, digital visibility and meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

The iButler mission

iButler was born from our love, involvement and knowledge of the hospitality industry. That’s why our mission is to make every hospitality company future-proof with our digitization and automation solutions. Our flexible products, that make this mission possible, are suitable and easy to implement in any type of business.

One ordering system, three products

Our products represent the future-proof “self-order” principle, where guests can experience the ease of ordering both from the comfort of their home and in your company.

QR ordering

All guests place their order via their own smartphone on a joint tab. Scan the QR code and order away No account or app needed!

Kiosk system

Guests place their order and pay via the kiosk when they enter and pick up their order at the counter when it’s ready.

Take-out and Delivery system

Guests can order and pay from the comfort of their own home with your own online ordering system.

We don’t work for you, but together with you

iButler is a flexible organization where we believe in cooperation and personal approach. That’s why we offer support specifically catered to your needs.
Would you like to process the data into the ordering system yourself? Or would you prefer that we take care of that for you? Our team is ready to help you in any way you might need it. We like to share our knowledge and involve our clients in the process, with support available 24/7. This way we can work together to make your company ready for the future!