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  • QR ordering

  • Every table has a unique QR-code guests can scan with their own smartphone, or a tablet we supply. This QR-code opens a link to your menu, guests can start ordering right away. They don’t need an account. The orders are sent to the assigned printer, citing the table number.
  • iButler delivers your QR-ordering system customized to your wishes and needs. The costs depend on your individual needs, the size of your company and the links we need to provide. Contact us for a price indication without any obligations.
  • Guests can pay with pin, cash or iDeal. When a table is closed, the system creates a final receipt. What is great about a digital waiter is that they never make mistakes. So the final bill is always correct! Your customers can then pay via your existing cash register system or via the QR system with iDeal.
  • Ordering

  • Guests can scan a QR-code via their own smartphone or a tablet that we provide. They go directly to the menu and can start ordering. When guests have finished ordering, they can submit the order with one simple button. Fun fact: with us, guests can order for 1 table with multiple devices at the same time!
  • Each table has a unique QR-code. When an order is placed a receipt comes out of the printer(s) with the table number on it. This way the staff knows for which table the order is intended.
  • Installation

  • In most cases we can prepare the entire installation within one day. Some locations require more cabling than others. This largely determines the duration of the installation. If the cabling requires extra attention, we ensure that cables are laid first. We can then install the system within a few hours.
  • Depending on our schedule, we will plan the installation as soon as possible. The preparation depends, among other things, on the delivery of your information. We need at least; your menus, prices and map of your company first.
  • Yes, off course! We adapt the system completely to your preference. In good consultation we determine which dishes should come from which printers, we place the printers entirely according to your preference. By working together we determine the ideal set-up!
  • No problem, photos are not a requirement for our system. However, the user experience is a lot better when we have photos of the products. We therefore always offer the opportunity for a professional photo shoot at your location.
  • Why choose iButler?

  • We have excellent customer service that is available 24/7. In case of any problems, we can observe you remotely LIVE and help you along.
  • We are a flexible organization that understands that every company is unique. That is exactly how we have set up our system. The system is scalable and adaptable so that it always perfectly suits your company.