Meet the digital butler who is always ready for assistance

Relieve the workload for your staff so that they can focus on quality and experience again. Every guest receives the same attention through service at the touch of a button, increase guest satisfaction and turnover!

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With iButler every hospitality business is future-proof

Did you know that with iButler your guests order 1 extra round of drinks on average? Not surprising when ordering a drink or snack is so easy. The lead-times are also a lot shorter.

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Meet your digital butler

Digital assistence for catering, hospitality, recreation and leisure industry. iButler is at your service with tailor-made solutions.

Order with QR

Let your guests order on their smartphones

All guests can order together on one joint tab via their own phones. Scan the QR code and place an order! No app or account needed.

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Take-out and Delivery system

Order online, quick and easy

Guests can order and pay from the comfort of their own home with your own ordering system.

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Kiosk system

Save time with a kiosk ordering system

Guests place their order and pay via the kiosk when they enter and pick up their order at the counter when it’s ready.

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The best ordering system according to our partners

We listen carefully to the wishes of our partners. When it appears that our system lacks an important function, most of the time it can be realized quickly without too much fuss!

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