Language is important to us

A language barrier is often experienced as annoying. Between the mutual staff but also between the staff and the guests. There are already solutions for this. Think of purchasing menus in different languages ​​or multiple descriptions in a menu. The use of a staff member who is multilingual and who can act as a conduit can also be a solution. According to iButler, this can be done better and easier.

When you start working with the iButler system, you indicate which languages ​​are important for your company. Which languages ​​do your guests speak and which languages ​​do your staff members speak?

When we are aware of this, we will set these languages ​​and you will have the following options with your iButler system.

  • When a guest scans the QR code to order, the digital menu automatically adapts to the interface language of his / her smartphone.
  • When a guest places an order at home via the pick-up and delivery system or at your place via the order kiosk, the language can be switched at any time.
  • The staff can place an order with the iButler system via the handheld or the fixed cash register and choose the language they want to use.
  • For the staff in the kitchen and behind the bar, the receipts can be set to any language. Even when a guest or staff places the order in another language.

This way of working enables companies in the tourism sector to provide service to every guest with the same attention. For companies that work with multiple nationalities within the team, the number of incorrect orders will decrease immediately.

Do you have a question or an addition to these language functions? Let us know. We continuously update and improve the system.