Is iButler right for my business?

Do you have a company where guests can order drinks? Then iButler is suitable for your company.

iButler is constantly developing its ordering system based on the goal of being able to offer a future-oriented solution in the field of automation for every catering, hospitality, recreation and leisure company. The iButler ordering system fulfills the functions required by an ordering process and can therefore be used in all companies that offer consumptions. The system was applied to three different products. The QR order app ,the Take- out and delivery system and the order kiosk. We are happy to discuss which product or combination of products suit your company best.

We look at your situation and offer a total solution regardless of:

  • The size of your company
  • The concept of your company
  • The type of company

So Butler is there for everyone. Whether you run an all-you-can-eat restaurant, chic hotel in the city center, bowling alley at a recreation park or a takeaway sandwich shop on a business park. Our ordering system is scalable and flexible so that we can offer a tailor-made plan and cost.

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