The iButler kiosk for a shorter lead-time

Guests can place and pay for their order directly in their own pace via your multilingual menu on the order kiosk. When their order is done they can pick it up at the counter, or your staff serves their order at the table. Would you like to try it out?

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Your business up-to-date within the new society

The iButler order kiosk makes social distancing possible. With the user-friendly interface with upsell functions your guests enjoy the same possibilities as a personal server. Curious how this fits into your business? We give free advice.

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Why use an order kiosk?

With self-service by an order kiosk you will never have to sell a “no”. This digital colleague comes with an impressive résumé.

The guests
  • Don’t have to wait in line
  • Are able to change the language
  • Have clear order details
The staff
  • Relieves workload
  • Has more time for quality
  • Works more efficient
Your business
  • Is less susceptible to mistakes
  • Shorter lead-time, more orders
  • Increase of revenue

Quality by customization

Every business is unique and iButler takes that into account. We listen to your wishes and think about the costs. With our flexible and scalable system it’s possible to deliver the perfect product. Specifically designed for your situation and goals. We are happy to offer you a price indication without any obligations. Customization always requires an individual quotation.

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Experience it yourself! Now scroll through the iButler digital menu with your own smartphone with the demo. Do you prefer a personal telephone tour of the ordering system? Which can! Of course free and without obligation. Let us know via the contact form.
iButler develops its products from the goal of being able to offer a future-oriented solution for every catering, hospitality, recreation and leisure company in the field of automation. Read more.
When you are ready for the switch, we will ensure that you can start immediately on the agreed date. Your company is often ready for use within 1 day. Discover how the switch to iButler works.
We continue to expand our support center. There is a good chance that your question is here. Didn’t find what you are looking for or would you rather speak to someone personally? We understand that. Ask your question via our contact form or call directly. We also like small questions.

More iButler products for digital support in your business.

Our products complement each other, and when desired, can create a completely automated ordering process.

QR ordering

Let your guests order via their own smartphone

All guests place their order via their own smartphone on a joint tab. Scan the QR code and order away!

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Take-out and Delivery system

Order online, quick and easy

Guests can order and pay from the comfort of their own home with your own ordering system.

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