In the spotlight

Arigato, service is key!

Arigato, a trendy place in the heart of Eindhoven where the flavors of Eastern cuisines come together in harmony. A Fusion of Eastern flavors and atmospheres, in a restaurant where the details make the difference.

Freshly prepared dishes every day and creating a true experience to the taste and wishes of the guests. That is what Arigato focuses on. This ensures many satisfied and regular guests. We will certainly continue to maintain this level! And better.” We are always looking for new experiences that we can share with our guests, in the restaurant, at home and at events.

Offering quality and taking time for the guest is what we do best. The visit to Arigato should not be just a dinner, but an evening-filling experience.

Because we use the QR Ordering from iButler we have noticed that providing service where necessary is even better. The system does not take over the service from us, but reinforces it. Regular guests who know what they want can order directly. If guests want a drink when the waiter is not in sight, they can pass this on on their own telephone. Especially whith large groups, this is easier for us to keep up with. When guests want to pay or need service, they can call one of our waiters via the QR app.

The experience remains the same. Our chefs continue to create the tastiest dishes and our service takes care of the guest’s well-being. They work in addition with the handheld and provide advice on the dishes if guests have questions about this. Because staf can work more efficient, simply taking an order is now sometimes replaced by a pleasant chat.

Who knows, maybe we will take the iButler system with us when we have another event ahead of us.