System update summer 2020

There’s always room for improvement! iButler is constantly updating / improving functionalities. We keep a close eye on developments in the branches and respond immediately. This means that the iButler system is always up-to-date. The most important thing we find is the feedback from our iButler users. Is something missing? Could anything be better? Let us know!.

All new functionalities are described in our blogs about product updates. If you want to try one of the functions right away but you are not a customer yet, go to our demo.

Thank you for being here during our first product update!

Synchronized ordering

At the moment we see with QR order options that one person in a group is responsible for the entire order. All guests in that company tell this person what they want to drink or eat. This person adds everything to the order and finally presses ‘order’. We know from experience that this method of ordering is prone to errors and that it takes one person a lot of time to manage it. Especially with large groups the person who’s doing the order has to constantly worry about everyone’s consumption. For these reasons, iButler has developed synchronized ordering.

Synchronized ordering makes it possible for all guests to order simultaneously on the same account with their own smartphone. Guests queue up, individually scan the QR code that is present at their seat and start ordering their favorite drink and / or dish. When everyone has chosen, any person in the company can click on ‘order’. The complete order will be sent to the appropriate checkout. If someone later wants to order a drink or side dish, this can be done immediately via their own smartphone. When guests have the freedom to order whenever they want, on average more orders are placed.

Until now, iButler is the only ordering system for the hospitality industry to have this feature. And we are proud of that! But we are also proud of the iButler users who have devised this function with us.

Call for service

Thanks to iButler, staff no longer primarily serves as a ‘conduit’. Taking drinks, upselling at the table and entering orders at the till are a thing of the past. This time is now spent on quality and the well-being of the guest. The staff keeps an eye out when guests want to ask for something, need something extra or want to pay.

At busy times it is sometimes difficult to give each guest the same amount of attention. Peak moments can add up considerably, so that guests do not feel heard. To address this challenge, our team has developed two new functions.

  • Call Waiter
  • Ask for the bill

The staff will be notified of the relevant table number. This makes it easier for staff to set priorities. When the bill is requested, the receipt can be printed immediately. Because the guest can immediately indicate whether he / she wants to pay with pin or cash, the pin machine can also be taken along immediately. These functions help to make your staff work even more efficiently.

So much for our updates. We will keep you informed by constantly supplementing the blog with more fun things! We can’t wait to share the next updates with you. Do you have a good addition in mind? Let us know.